What is it?
An 8 week program for anyone that is looking to change their life.
Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, build more muscle, become more disciplined, drink more water or just clean up your eating habits, this challenge can help you do all that and more.
Our 8 week challenge is available online as well as in our gym so you can take part from wherever you are in the world!


What's included?
-2 months unlimited gym access/ online access.
-Free access to 30 classes a week.
-Meal plans.
-Consultation before the challenge begins.
-Before & After photos.
-Measurements: weight, inches and body fat percentage.
-2 nutrition seminars with our sports nutritionist who will answer any questions about dieting myths and educate you so when the challenge is over you can continue to make good decisions with your nutrition. 
-Bi-weekly meets - This will be an open meeting for an hour on a Saturday morning where you can come and go as you please. The point of them is to get weighed so we can track your progress. You are welcome to stay and chat with myself, the nutritionist and each other about how you are getting on, any concerns you have and you will have the opportunity to discuss changing your meal plan if it's not working for you.
-A private WhatsApp group where all challengers can post updates or concerns. You can message this page with any questions and receive constant support.
-A HIIT for Fitness vest and bag.
-2 private training sessions with everyone in your challenge, one at the beginning and one at the end of the 8 weeks.
-1 private group training session mid challenge where all challengers can bring their partners/friends/family members to join them in a HIIT class!
-One person will win a free months membership at the end of the challenge for being the biggest achiever.
-End of challenge celebration 🥳

What are the benefits of this compared to a membership?
A monthly membership you are relying purely on your own motivation and discipline to get you to class or to the gym. Ideally to stay healthy and get good results you want to be training between 3-5 times a week and this can be a big ask for most people. If you sign up to an 8 week challenge you will find that accountability in yourself as you are part of a group and have an end goal. You will also have the encouragement of myself and your fellow challengers to get you to each training session. As well as the training you are being given a tailored meal plan which is vital for weight loss/muscle gain and constant support from myself and the nutritionist.

How many people can sign up?
We are only going to start by taking on 10 people to make sure everyone gets the maximum out of their challenge so spaces will disappear quickly!