At HIIT 4 Fitness the main goal isn't weight loss or muscle growth, it's about changing your life.

The trainers and instructors at HIIT 4 Fitness all provide a high-quality service to everyone that walks through the door. All the staff are REAL people who continue to overcome the same REAL issues that you do and promise to only deliver positive and honest coaching. 

As a training style, HIIT is becoming increasingly popular as more people are finding out about it's benefits. High Intensity Interval Training helps you burn more calories in less time and it also helps improve your speed and endurance. HIIT involves alternating short bursts of hard work with a low intensity recovery period. It gets the best results if you are looking to burn fat and build muscle but don't have hours to spend at the gym therefore it is the style in which HIIT 4 Fitness bases most it's classes on to ensure the quickest and best results for all it's clients. 

I cannot recommend this gym enough it’s by the far the best one I have been to!
Jaz has created a fantastic atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging and she always pushes you to be the best you can be and get the most out of your workout! I come out of there buzzing every time
The sessions are fun and all the members are really friendly which makes it super comfortable and encourages you to keep going back!
Jaz is fab and really knowledgeable you can see how much work and effort she puts in and it’s really paid off as she has created a fantastic gym

- Hannah

Love the HIIT classes and boogie bounce - been going for a few months now and has been the first classes I have stuck out for so long. 
- Joey

This is by far the longest I've stuck with an exercise. It's so much fun!
- Faye

I have never enjoyed exercise this much. Jaz is so positive and encouraging and even though my muscles ache I'm still on a high afterwards! 
- Claire

About Jaz - I have been so pleased that I chose to join HIIT 4 Fitness and Jaz is a huge part of that. From our first conversation you can see the passion she has for fitness and for learning everyone’s individual story which has led them to her gym. She makes her sessions fun and that rubs off to her members but at the same time she motivates us really well to make sure we all work hard. Her knowledge of fitness techniques and use of equipment is always excellent and we are always improving our techniques and form as a result. She is always reading about new exercises and has a keen interest in the dietary side of fitness too and her passion and motivation becomes very infectious.

- Neil